Nurse Hotline is a nonprofit educational site committed to connecting you to the health care providers and health organizations that can meet your needs for free.

The mission is to connect you with a hotline to meet the needs you have.  When one is not available, we will look for alternative helplines and resources that are available to meet your health care needs.

Our lives are fast paced, busy and filled with all kinds of challenges that make it difficult to get the answers to the health questions we have.  The objective of this site is to connect you to quick and easy answers related to areas with common health questions.

Nurse Hotline will provide access to toll-free numbers, health organizations, and health care providers who are available to meet your health needs.  Some of these lines, may not be staffed with nurses.

Don’t hesitate – Get the Care You Need Now!

If you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy or have questions about Abortion, there is help and information available here 7 days a week.

Cord blood donation is a great way for expecting mothers to support other families who might need stem cells to treat one of the 80 different diseases and conditions.