Nurse Hotline is an educational organization dedicated to connecting people with the health professionals that are there to help them.  There are several toll-free helplines throughout the country prepared to provide you with the health education and access to resources that you need to address the health concerns of you and your family.

Take a look through the site and find the right line for you.  Don’t wait, call now and get answers to the questions you have and the help you need to get back on the road to health.

Nurse Hotline was founded in 2010 as a collaborative effort between a variety of organizations and services each committed to investing in the health and wellness of those in need.

Donating cord blood is a free and easy way to help others in need.  There are over 80 different diseases and conditions that stem cells from cord blood help treat.  The option is to discard it as medical waste, why not donate it and save lives.